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Miguel Atwood-Ferguson T-Shirt


This is the first ever made Miguel Atwood-Ferguson tee! Designed and printed by Brandy Flower of the world famous Hit + Run crew. It uses the design that Brandy created for 'MAF Arrangements Vol. 1'. The design includes an image of MAF taken by Grace Oh with a backdrop of the first violin part of an arrangement MAF wrote for 'A Race of Angels' (When We Were Friends). This shot of MAF, is from a photo shoot that was done for an article about MAF in the celebrated magazine 'Wax Poetics' (Issue 53).

All tees are a white design on an American Apparel plain Black tee.

Sizes: Small (SOLD OUT currently), Medium, Large, Extra-Large, Double Extra-Large

also available: V-Neck (Medium Size only)